Instant Photo Workshop - Sandwich Boardwalk - Sandwich, MA

Attraction Name: Sandwich Boardwalk

Description of Attraction: Crossing Mill Creek, the Sandwich Boardwalk is the main passage to the Town Beach. As you cross the reconstructed 1,350-foot boardwalk, you’ll notice funny quips, memorials to lovers, family members, and dedications to boats carved in the planks. Perhaps more importantly, the walkway’s vantage point provides striking views of Cape Cod Bay where you can watch not only the sunrise, but also the marsh grass sway against a hazy summer horizon.

Location Address: the boardwalk is located at the end of Boardwalk Road in Sandwich, MA. 

Parking: there is ample parking, but as in all beach parking on the Cape, it depends on the season and time you arrive. Early morning is usually no problem and there is a charge “in season”. 

Trail/Hiking Time: there is little or no walking time to the location shown.  Care must be taken climbing along the bank of the creek at low tide, as it is slippery with seaweed and very muddy. 

GPS: 41.7648889,-70.4849644

TPE Info:,-70.484952&center=41.7642,-70.4831&dt=20160502145700-0400&z=18&spn=0.00,0.01

Photo Data: taken on April 25, 2016 at 5:35 a.m. using a Canon 5D Mark iii with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 L lens at 16mm. Shot at F11 for 1 sec with .09 graduate ND filter. Processed in Lightroom

Location #1: this picture was shot looking straight east toward the rising sun. Depending on the tide, there are numerous vantage points. There is quite a bit of latitude for movement depending on the framing and position of sun desired, but care must be taken with the creek and sea grass.

Best time of day to visit: Certainly the hour before and after sunrise is excellent. Depending on the time of the year, you can usually get a good angle.

Best time of year to visit: Any time of year works. The sunrise is almost straight down the boardwalk in June and at a right angle in December. I like spring or fall for the best angle for the sun.  

Best type of light/weather: Infinite number of choices here as the elements of the location are very strong and adding the components of weather and light is your choice

Additional Equipment Needed: I strongly endorse TPE (The Photographer’s Ephemeris) App for planning your shot.  A tripod, polarizing/neutral density filter and shutter release are needed. I also like a good pair of waterproof boots for navigation if you choose to go down edge of the creek.  I would also bring a flashlight or headlamp and a walking pole to help navigate the mud. 

Additional Information: This site has many more photo opportunities as the boardwalk leads to the town beach. Some nice rock jetties provide interesting subject matter.